Algernon Austin
The Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy Program
Economic Policy Institute

Dave Baldridge
Executive Director
International Association for Indigenous Aging

Jeff Cruz
Executive Director
Latinos for a Secure Retirement

Avis Jones DeWeever

Jeffrey Hayes
Senior Research Associate
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez
Graduate Student
Harvard University Department of Government

Wilhelmina Leigh
Senior Research Associate
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Meizhu Lui
Director Emeritus
Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
Insight Center for Community Economic

Karyne Jones
President and CEO
National Caucus and Center on Black Aged, Inc.

Heather McGhee
Director Washington Office

Lisa Mensah
Executive Director
Initiative on Financial Security
The Aspen Institute

Leticia Miranda
Associate Director
Economic and Employment Policy
National Council of La Raza

Ivy Ngo
Policy Advocate
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

David Pate
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Scott Allen Peck
Director of Policy
National Asian Pacific Center on Aging

Maya Rockeymoore
President and CEO
Global Policy Solutions

Doua Thor
Executive Director
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

Valerie Rawlston Wilson
Vice President of Research
National Urban League Policy Institute

Nicole Woo
Director of Domestic Policy
Center for Economic and Policy Research